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There is a very unique cafe in Navi Mumbai, only transgender staff can work here. Yes, Navi Mumbai has ‘Third Eye Café’ where only transgenders can work. 

Isn’t it really a unique cafe where only the transgender staff can work. Let’s tell you what to say about the staff here and for what reason this cafe has a rule that only transgender staff will work here. 

“We are not aliens but humans” 

In Navi Mumbai’s ‘Third Eye Café’ where only transgenders work, the staff of this cafe believes that they should be treated as humans, not aliens. 

They believe that people in society treat them not like humans but as aliens, while they should understand that we are like them, we should also have the right to live with equal rights in society. 

This is the reason behind this unique cafe 

The reason behind having only transgender staff in this restaurant is to give them equal rights to all people in society. 

The management of this cafe believes that all people in the society should have the right to work, so only the transgender staff works in this cafe to get that right for the transgender. 

Every staff member of this cafe kept saying that we should also be respected like every human being in society. 

Third Eye Café should be admired for this unique thinking


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