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Are you going to visit Hyderabad city soon with your family or friends or are you planning to go on business trip. If you are a foodie and do not want to miss tasting the famous Hyderabadi recipes, then you must know about some Hyderabadi street foods which have been proud of this place for centuries. So let’s know about these extremely Hyderabadi street foods-

As soon as we hear Biriyani’s name, the mouths of the good ones start getting watery and what to say when it comes to Hyderabadi Biriyani .You can find this dish at every street in Hyderabad. In this city you can try its taste from anywhere, because the original recipe is almost the same everywhere. In this, those who like the right amount of flavor and spices non-veg find it quite tasty. 

Hyderabadi Haleem

This Hyderabadi food which came into vogue since the time of the Nizams, emerged from Arabia. It got its indigenous identity from Indian spices and was called Hyderabadi Haleem. This recipe made from meter and lentils is specially made in weddings and special programs, but it has special significance in the month of Ramadan. 


This sweet dish is also eaten with great fervor during the days of Ramadan. This dish, made and served in pottery, is made by adding aromatic rice and milk, which will make you say wah-wah. The good thing is that as tasty as this dish is, it is equally digestible for the stomach. Even after taking heavy miles, you can enjoy the firni with full heart.

Apricot Sweet

One of the most special dishes of Hyderabad is the sweet of apricots, that is why you must try it when visiting Hyderabad. This dessert is made of dry apricots and almonds are added to it. It is also eaten with ice cream and can also be enjoyed with cream. 

Iranian tea

Hyderabad’s special ‘Iranian tea’ is so famous that it is called the heart of Hyderabad. When people of Persian origin came to India to do business, they also took this tea with them and since then this tea has become a part of the Hyderabadi culture. Perhaps this is why it is called the ‘heart of Hyderabad’. In such a situation, if you go to a cafe in Hyderabad, do not forget to taste this wonderful tea.

Double sweet

During the wedding of Muslims in Hyderabad, a sweet dish is the most eaten and that is double sweet. Milk flavored double ka sweet with saffron and cardamom is also known as double roti in Hyderabad, as it becomes twice as big as its original size when baked. 


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