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Punjabi Aloo Lachha Paratha Recipe in Hindi Today I am sharing the recipe of making Punjabi Aloo Lachha Paratha with you. This is a very famous breakfast in Punjab. Aloo Lachha Paratha is heavy to eat. But it is very funny, everyone likes aloo lachha paratha. Everyone in my house is crazy about it.

Ingredients For Aloo Lachha Paratha Recipe

  • Potatoes = four medium-sized boiled
  • Onion = finely chopped to a medium size
  • Wheat flour = two cups
  • Green chili = two finely chopped
  • Ginger = half-inch piece, grated
  • Green coriander = two teaspoons, finely chopped
  • Roasted cumin powder = half a teaspoon
  • Garam Masala = one fourth teaspoon
  • Salt = as per taste
  • Mango powder = half a teaspoon
  • Butter = as per need

How To Make Punjabi Aloo Lachha Paratha

To make Aloo Lachha Paratha, first knead the flour by adding a little salt. Then cover the dough and keep it aside.

Grate the potatoes. There are no lumps in the potato by the grating. Now add onions, green chilies, ginger, green coriander, one third teaspoon salt, garam masala, mango powder and roasted cumin to the potatoes and mix everything well. Our staffing banquet is ready to make Aloo Lachha Paratha.

To make Lachta Paratha, take a little thick peda from the roti. Then apply dry flour on it and roll out a thin roti. To make Lachta Paratha crispy, apply a melted butter brush to the bread. Butter is used to make Aloo Lachha Paratha.

Now put potato staffing on the roti and spread it on the whole roti. Then roll the roti with a tie from one side and fold the whole roti so that the potato staffing is set in each layer of the paratha.

Roll the paratha slightly and seal it well. Now to make it more crispy, apply butter with a brush. Then roll it aside like a jalebi. While pressing lightly with hand, paste all the layers together.

Put butter on it again and spread it by pressing with hands. It is very easy to spread the paratha in this way, even if you make the paratha by hand, potatoes do not come out. But if you are more comfortable than the cylinder, then you roll with the rolling pin.

Now our Lachha Paratha is ready to roast. To roast the Lacha Paratha, apply the butter to the pan with a brush placed on the gas, then put the prepared paratha on the pan. Roast the paratha on medium flame only and turn the paratha from the other side as well.

Ghee and butter are eaten more in Punjab, to make this paratha perfect Punjabi Lacha Paratha, use butter well even when you are baking it.

Apply butter on both sides of the paratha and reverse-roast it from both the sides. Keep the flame of gas medium or slow so that the paratha can be roasted well, Lacha Paratha is the best option for breakfast. In three to four minutes, the paratha is cooked well on medium flame.

Take out the paratha in a serving plate and put butter on it to serve. Very interesting Aloo Lachha Paratha is ready, serve hot Punjabi Aloo Lachha Paratha with curd or tea.


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