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Talking about catering, first of all it will be said that the street food of Kolkata is considered to be the best street food in India. If you go to Kolkata, your journey will be considered incomplete without catering to these street foods. The Puchka, which we call Panipuri or Golgappa, is unique here.

Kathi rolls

A full range of kathi rolls will be found in New Market. Do try them. There is a big custom of fried snacks called Talebhaja.

Fried fish

If you want to enjoy fish fry, there is a shop near the goalpark 5-point crossing that sells fun fry fish.

Famous Bengali food

If you go oysters restaurant on Mushtaq Ahmed Street in New Market area want East Bengal or Bangladesh Kujin tasting. Here you get authentic Bengali food, such as Betki baked fish, Kochu leaf Cingari Bappa, Prons Curry, Prawn Malai Curry, Betki Paturi (fish wrapping steam in banana leaves, etc.). When switching to Prinsep Ghat or Millennium Park foods must Jalmuri there.

Delicious Rasgulla

The famous Rasgulla of Kolkata can be eaten anywhere in the entire city, but there is something else about Balram Malik and Radharam Malik of Bhawanipur. Here, your soul will get wet by eating rasmalai, Rajbhog, message. You will get to taste rasgulla with jaggery syrup in this season. Which dissolve in the mouth. The taste of its caramel is very unique.

Rs 1001 Unique Pan!

Have you eaten a bet of a thousand rupees? You will find such paan in Kalpataru Bhandar, an eight-decade-old paan shop located in College Street, Kolkata, famous for books. There are paan ranging from five rupees to 1001 rupees. It has been represented by Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Dr. Zakir Hussain, Dr. VV Giri and Pranabmukherjee, from former presidents of the country to former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, former army chief including many governors, chief ministers and other personalities. The reputation of this shop is so much that not only Bengal, people from all over the country reach here to eat paan. The spice and betel nut added to this paan has a unique taste. For this, sweet leaf is ordered from Bhuvaneshwar. The mouth does not become red after eating this drink. There is no desire to throw even a single drop of peak and it works like a 100 percent enzyme, with the entire drink going into the stomach.


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