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When the mind wants to eat something spicy and flavorful, then you remember the tasty Bhelpuri. The sour-sweet and peppery taste of bhelpudi made with chutney of lye, tomato, love and tamarind seems so overwhelming that it is enjoyed. The joy of eating Bhelpudi on the beaches of Mumbai such as Girgaum and Juhu increases even more. Bhelpuri was followed by street food stalls in Mumbai and is now famous all over the country. But the taste of Bhelpuri in Mumbai is completely unique. Let’s know which of the five places in Mumbai is the most tasty Bhelpuri –

Gupta Chat Center

Gupta Chat Center in LBS Market near Matunga Station. Here if you enjoy savory Bhelpuri, then your test buds will be completely set. Bhelpuri here is spicy and quite tasty. Here Sev Puri, Bhelpuri and Chaat will also taste so good that you will want to come here again and again. The cost of eating two people here will be around 250 rupees.

Sharma Bhelpuri House

You must have understood the name of this place about the specialty here. This is a small joint in Vile Parle’s East Market, where you will find many Vairati’s Bhelpuri and Chaat. There is a crowd of Bhelpuri eaters, the reason is that its service is good, the price is reasonable and cleanliness is also very high here. You will easily find this shop on Kamla Bhawan Building, MG Road. Here you can taste the tasty Bhelpuri. The food and drink expenses of two people here will be around 200 rupees.

Jain Sweet And Bhelpuri House

The food found here is very tasty and its price is not too high. In this, you get more quantity and in terms of quality, the food here also stays true. You will love the taste of Bhelpuri here, as well as the test of Vada Pav here. In front of Guruprasad shopping center opposite Kandivali railway station, you will see Jain Sweet and Bhelpuri House and you can eat tasty food cheaply here. The cost of eating two people here is about 200 rupees. 

Food Arcade Chaat

Chatting food arches in the small streets of Matunga, but it is quite popular among the people living nearby. Bhelpuri is particularly popular here. The food joint works in conjunction with the food archetype store. On Gem Jamshed Road in Matunga East, near Amrit Dhara Heights, you will see a food arcade chaat stall. The cost of eating two people here costs around 100 rupees. 

Monsoon – The Chaat Corner

If you are hungry fast then you can come to eat instant testi Bhelpuri. The taste of Bhelpuri with dosa here is also amazing. In front of Lokhandwala Complex in Andheri West, you will easily see Monsoon – The Chaat Corner. Catering for two people here can cost around 400


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