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Sweet Potato Gnocchi With Creamy Jalapeno Sauce is made by mixing Gnocchi with Potato, Sweet Potato, and Flour.

Gnocchi or any pasta that is made fresh is a lot of fun to eat. The matter of eating fresh is different, but even such gnocchi is not available in the packet.

Ingredients For Sweet Potato Gnocchi With Creamy Jalapeno Sauce

  • Potato = cut into pieces
  • Sweet Potato = cut into pieces
  • Maida = one cup
  • pickled jalapenos = two teaspoons full
  • Fresh basil leaves = 4 to 5
  • Butter = a tablespoon
  • Fresh cream = three fourth cup
  • Process Cheeses = One Tablespoon
  • Salt = as per taste

To Garnish

  • Black pepper powder = a little bit
  • Tussli leaves = two

Method – How To Make Gnocchi With Creamy Jalapeno Sauce

To make gnocchi, firstly put potatoes and sweet potatoes in water to boil.

So many potatoes are boiling, to make this sauce, put pickled jalapenos and basil leaves in a jar and grind them finely, keep it aside.

Our potatoes and sweet potatoes have boiled in such a long time. Turn off the gas and sieve in a sieve so that all the extra water of the potato comes out.

When all the water from the potato and sweet potato comes out, then mash the potato and sweet potato with the potato masher. When potatoes and sweet potatoes are mashed, add butter to it and mix well. Now to make its pasta, add maida to it and mix it and make a dough.

To make pasta, put water in a vessel and keep it for heating. Stir by adding a little salt to the water and let it boil.

When the dough cools down, take a little mixture of flour and make it into a cylinder shape and cut it into small pieces with a knife. Then make it a little longer by hand, likewise, put all the Gnocchi in water so that the flour is cooked well. So many gnocchi are being prepared while preparing the sauce.

To make the sauce, heat one teaspoon of oil in the pan. Then add ground pickled jalapenos and basil leaves to it. It smells very good and sour and cook it for a minute. Then add cream to it and stir while stirring, add grated cheese to it and stir with a little salt. Now take out the pasta from the water and add it to the sauce and mix well.

Cook the pasta with the sauce for one minute and turn off the gas after one minute. Take out the gnocchi in a serving bowl and serve it by adding two basil leaves and black pepper powder.

When you eat Gnocchi with so much sauce, it will be fun.


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